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The Platypus
U.S. Grand Prix ~ F1 Practice
Friday June 18, 2004
A lot of people showed up today for practice. I tried
entering off of 16th street, but they said the lot was
full. So I drove around to Gate 7 on Georgetown
road and they let me pull my car in to park. I parked
right by one of the new infield stands, the stand I will
be sitting in for the race. Here are some pics of the
F1 cars from these seats.
Takuma Sato got tangled
up with Massa in turn 1.
After the 2nd F1 practice, I moved over to
the other new set of stands over by the
museum. Both sets of stands consist of 20
sections and the top row is GG (33 rows).
Here are some of the Porsches that
are racing this weekend.
I eventually wandered over to the Tower
Terrace. They have every entrance to the
tower terrace blocked off except one, so I
had to do some walking to find it. There
was only 1 other person there. Although it
was late in the day and the F1 guys were
gone, there was still some people across
the track in the Paddock. There was also a
band playing behind the tower.
They're still working on the finishing
touches on the Award Platform
Juan Pablo Montoya's little
brother, Fedrico, is competing in
the series. Also Bobby Rahal's 15
y/o son, Graham! Maybe we'll see
him in the Infiniti Pro Series
before too long.
It was a beautiful sunny day, but it did get pretty hot - about 85 degrees.
A new type of series has arrived at the
Indianapolis Motor Speedway called
the Formula BMS USA series.

Here they are coming out for practice.