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Robbie Buhl
garage girl
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garage lady
garage girls
garage girls
Heating up engine
George Mack
Jeff Ward
Tracy and Ward
Dario Franchitti
Al Unser, Jr.
Brazilian girls
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bird combing my hair
bird combing my hair
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INDY 500 Carb Day
Thursday - May 23, 2002
Brian, Joy and I rode into Speedway early
today. Traffic was pretty light for Carb Day.
We first had to stop at the IRL office so that I
could pick up our pit/garage passes. The IRL
office is across the street from the track. We
decided to leave our vehicles there and walk
Since we were entering from the south, we
checked out all the tents and displays now
setup in the museum parking lot.

There was a Indy car on display that had a
paintjob that featured John Mellencamp's
album from last year. The song off that album,
Peaceful World, has been used as the IRL's
theme song since last May.
Here is a cool 60's Chevrolet, the Astro
Bombardier had a tent setup displaying
some of their fun toys - jet skis, marine
motors, ATV's and snow mobiles! Cool.
There were also several race Corvettes on
display as well as a tent full of Chevy pace
cars, mostly Vettes and Camaros.
Some IRL drivers who sell Pepsi

We eventually made our way over to the garages. We
walked around and saw several drivers, such as Robbie
Buhl who pedals around on a bicycle. I saw Robbie
McGehee looking forlorn, leaning on his crutches.
Mario is a fan favorite as always.
Shigeaki Hattori is popular
with the Japanese press.
John Mellencamp's lovely model wife, Elaine.
Here is a cool bike amongst the many cool bikes in the garage area.
Girls in the garage area..
Warming up the engine (or transmission)
Driver George Mack.

The cars were going out for their last practice before race
day and we wanted to take full advantage of our pit passes.
The stands by the tower filled up. Having pit passes is
GREAT! Especially on Carb Day since alot of cars are out
testing and the crowd is big. (Lots of people wishing they
were you!) It has been 10 years since I've had pit passes! I
had Brian try and snap a picture of me now in a pose similar
to the one taken of me on the pit wall back in '92. I even wore
the same tshirt!
We walked along the pits snapping pictures of
drivers. Some girls went up and got autographs.

Joy went up to Jeff Ward and we took her picture
with him.

Here is a presentation of the drivers I snapped:
Jeff Ward
Paul Tracy and Jeff Ward
Dario Franchitti
Al Unser, Jr.
Brazilian fans ....... and ....... Bruno Junqueira
Jimmy Vasser was driving for
Rahal Letterman Racing.
Roger Penske
I'm on the right side of the fence!!
Sam Hornish, Jr.
Hornish's young girlfriend
Arie Luyendyk
Firebird giving me a new hair style!
Kenny Brack
Sarah Fisher
Here they are painting the backdrop up on the
awards platform. By race day, they had wrapped
the 15-foot tall concrete pedestal with shiny
stainless steel.
After we'd traversed the pit lane from end to
end, we wandered down into turn 1 and
grabbed a bite to eat. They had gyros and
deli sandwiches that were good!
Joy and I sitting in the Pit garage terrace.
The area around the tower terrace where they were having
the pit stop competition was very full and we didn't attempt
to enter into it.

We did try our pit passes, but they wouldn't let us down to
where the action was - no big surprise.

We ended up back in the plaza behind the tower. It was
pretty full already, in anticipation of the concerts to come.

They were jamming some Mellencamp over the speakers.
(John 'Cougar' Mellencamp is a local and is very popular.)

GO HERE to see pics of the concert.

We hung out there a long time. I watched the coolers as
Brian and Joy went back to the garages to try and see
Little Al.

Al Unser, Jr. won the Indy 500 on the day their eldest
daughter, Alaina, was born, so they especially like him.
Thousands of people packed into the plaza for the late
afternoon concerts. The music was good and it was a fun
When it was over, we went to return our passes to the IRL
office in the garages, but it was after 6 and they were
already closed. I had to swing by the next morning on my way
to work to drop them off. I always take the day after Carb
Day off, but this year I'm short on vacation days.
If you read my Opening Day page, you saw that there
was a killdeer bird that setup a nest on the sidewalk.

From this picture you can see the barrier they have
since erected to keep people away from him.