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The Platypus - my first web page mascot 1995
In a box of old family photos, I found these pictures.  

It appears my relatives were watching the race from the
infield along the back straight.

I believe these were taken around 1950 based upon the tow
truck and race car shown in the last photograph.  The racer
shown is an old-fashioned car and not the roadsters that
would come to dominate the field by 1955.

If you can determine the year, please let me know and
explain how you determined it.  Thanks.

The race was shortened by rain in 1950 and no sign of rain
in these photos.

Photo taken from the back straight.

Bayliss Levrett's race car did catch fire and
smolder on the front straight in 1952.

Could it be the garages on fire, which
burned down in 1941.

Notice the pith helmets on the track workers.

The tow truck looks to me to be about 1950.

Race cars like this showed up in the 40s and 50s.
This must not have been their
first race - they knew enough
to build a scaffold upon their
car to get a better view!
INDY 500
1948-1952 ???
Here are little scaffold systems people
made upon their vehicles to allow them
to get higher in the air for a better view
of the track.

I don't think this is 1953 because it was
extremely hot out that year and this
guy is wearing a suit.  And in the photo
below, they are wearing long sleeves
and pants.
Since you can see the grandstands along the
front straight,  we are looking West across the

If it is the E stand on the left, it looks like the
same height as the other stands.  A double
deck was added in 1949, so could this be 1948
or earlier?