Dan's 2002 Speedway Journal


U.S. Grand Prix - Qualifications
Saturday - September 28, 2002

My friends Jay and Betty drove up from Alabama and E.T. and Grimm drove down from Detroit for race weekend.

We decided to try and park in the North 40 this morning. Surprise! They let us inside the speedway and we parked in the 3rd turn! The've haven't allowed that at any of the previous grand prix.

We first came up to this excellent spot in the infield, where you see the cars leave the first infield curves and arrive at the inside straight. You get to experience the excelleration performance here. We watched the first F1 practice from this vantage point.

Here is the ONE bridge that connects the infield viewing hills with the rest of the speedway. If you try to cross inbetween events, there will be heavy traffic. It took us 20 minutes to cross it.

Here are the Ferraris that are racing in the Ferrari Challenge.

We trekked to the outside of the oval and climbed the stairs to the deck level of the South Vista. We were across from the speedway's museum.

We hung out here and watched the entire 2nd practice session.

There was a two hour lunch break before qualifying. We walked around the souvenir tents then made our way to Stand H. We luckily found a decent seat in this popular stand. This is right at Turn 1. Qualifying lasts one hour. The clock started at 1:00pm, but no cars came out for about 17 minutes. Once they did, it was a lot of fun to watch.


After Michael captured his 3rd Indy Pole in a row, we headed further north and climbed to the top of the NW Vista deck to watch the Porsche Cup race.


After this 16 lap race, there was a quick parade of old F1 cars.

One car caught fire and the driver was frantically rolling on the ground.

Everyone, except the ambulance personel, saw what was going on. About 50 yards away was an entrance for the ambulance to get into the infield. Some blue-shirted track workers began waving and blowing whistles to try and get the paramedics attention. I was sitting across the track in NW Vista and could hear them and we all saw what was going on, except the women standing around the ambulance.

They start showing what happened on the big screen tvs. Now 100,000 people know what is going on.... everyone, except for the medical staff.

When they finally did get their attention, they screwed around and took their time and slowly made their way around. I couldn't believe it.

I then looked down and took this photo of the spot where they amulance had been parked.

Yep. Thats a crock pot. I guess they were tailgaiting!

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