Dan's 2001 Indy 500 Journal


Carburation Day

Thursday May 26, 2001

Collective Soul Concert

It was a fine concert and the place was packed. It was a lot of fun and during the middle of it, it started to rain! But no one left! It soon abated and the sun came out better than before. The band didn't miss a beat during the rain. Cops would occasionally push their way through the crowd, but I didn't see them arrest anyone. It was so packed, that it was difficult to get a good picture, but I present the following :

Carb Day Concert crowd - 30 second video (format = mpg, filesize = 1.4 Mb)

cardboard Buddy
Buddy Lazier is a big Collective Soul fan!

movin out Must have Marge Simpson hair

young strippers in love

rock n roll!

Don't Smile She rides him like a horse!

concert crowd


What do you think this is?  Holiday Inn?
What do you think this is? Holiday Inn?

concert crowd

Show me yours

concert crowd

concert crowd

chugging crown royal
Mmmm. Crown Royal.

concert crowd girl on shoulders

girl further away

Collective Soul

When we finally got back to our car in the North 40, at the end of the day, I got flashed! No time to focus...


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