Dan's 2000 Indy 500 Journal
Carburation Day
Thursday May 25, 2000
Carburation Day proved to be the biggest party day of the month!
Chug that Budweiser!
Carb Day Crowd
The weather was nice and
sunny. I showed up with
Brian and Tim. We sat in the
Tower Terrace. We
watched the race cars
carefully practice from 11
a.m. to 1 p.m. This was the
Indy 500 drivers' last chance
to get on the track and test
things before the race. But
they sure didn't want to
screw up and wreck now!
In the afternoon we
watched the Pit Stop
Competition from tower
terrace. By now we were
feeling pretty good and
was just looking around
and talking to our
neighbors about racing
and politics. It was hard
to tell what was going on
down in the pits, there
were so many people in
the way.

At one point, the
Speedway sent out a
bunch of race cars from
different era's of the
century. They went
zipping by for about 5
laps. It was really
something to see a car
from the 1900's running
past cars from the 30's
and 50's.
old race cars doing laps
Brian called me
the night before to
tell me that Andy
Hillenburg, whom
had qualified in the
33rd position, was
sponsoring a
contest with the
prizes being racing
school at Fast
Track Racing in
Dan and Tim with Bill Simpson for President sign
He was grateful for the financial help
from Bill Simpson, owner of Simpson
Racing Equipment. His contest was for
people to make signs saying "Bill
Simpson for President". Here I am
holding the sign I made the night before. I
wanted to walk down to his pits, which
were toward the beginning of the pit lane.
However a yellowshirt blocked it. That
section was all blocked off for the Tower
Suties owners. Well la tee da.
Unfortunately, none of his spotters
spotted me although I carried this sign
around all day. 20,000 other people sure
saw it. One guy asked "Who is Bill
Simpson? A cross between Bill Clinton
and Homer Simpson?" Hey! That is an
ugly thought! As luck would have it,
Hillenburg did call me later and invite me
to his race school.
Photos from my
weekend at Fasttrack Racing.
Carb Day Concert - Smashmouth
After the on-track
festivities, about 4 p.m.,
there was a rock concert
in the plaza behind the
tower featuring
Smashmouth. This was
an excellent idea!! The
partiers have lost the 4th
turn and this was a
perfect way for people to
release their party
energy. Everyone had
much fun.
Photo of
gathered for
behind the
Carb Day Crowd
I also got to see some female
nudity throughout the day;
something that was sadly lacking
during last year's Carb Day. I
failed to capture most on film, but
I once again have a
Carb Day
Girls Webpage featuring 28
pictures of pretty girls. I was
especially surprised this day when
a girl took off her top for a
moment up in the middle of the
stands infront of the tower. Woo
Carb Day Crowd
Cops roamed through the huge
crowd checking ID's of young
drinkers, but really everything was
cool. I only saw them haul off one
drunk girl. As they marched her
through the crowd right towards
me, She was unable to hide her
exposed boob as her hands were
handcuffed behind her. I know a
Kodak moment when I see one,
but I wasn't quick enough.
We drifted out to the edges
to meet some girls. These
girls had been in Tony
Georges's suite at the top of
the tower all day! They
were partying and happy
and having a good time.
This one girl gave me a
Pit/Garage pass. I walked
over to the garage area and
found Andy's garage; but he
was gone.
Towards the
middle of the
concert, I got
interviewed by a
Chicago TV show.
They asked me
about partying at
the track. I'll be on
the show, "Wild
Chicago" for their
Indy special.
This day was
Thanks Tony!!
Race Day
Sunday May 28, 2000
Friday & Saturday
Normally Buddha comes down
from Detroit in time to go to
Carb Day with me. This year he
waited on E.T. and they didn't
arrive until that night. They went
off caving in B'ton while I
caught up on some work
around the crib. They got pretty
beat up and tired in the cave.
E.T. went to bed, but Buddha
was up for some titties, so we
headed to Brad's Gold Club.
Saturday we went to one of the best
golf courses in the city - Fort Benjamin
Harrison. E.T. shot a 72! I refuse to say
what I hit. That evening, we headed to
Whiteland for some go-karting. It
started pouring down right before we
got there. We found that they run rain
or shine, so we laid down our money
and went out and had a blast. It was
easy to slide out and hit the tires or do a
180. It was a fun, but you couldn't go
as fast as when it was dry.
We began raceday by rising at 6 a.m. This
year, Johnny was joining Buddha, E.T. and I.
We took I-465 around and bypassed the
10th Street and Crawfordsville Road exits
which were already backed up on the
interstate. We went up to 38th Street and
took that to Moller Road and then down to
30th Street and into the Coke Lot where we
parked for free! We all bought some cheap
$10 t-shirts off some guy in the field. Lots of
campers had huge poles with flags and lights
in the huge field.
Tossing a TV to the ground
We proceeded over to 24th Street
and Georgetown where Buddha's
Michigan Tech fraternity brothers
were partying. They had rented a big
U-Haul truck and had parked it
Wednesday along this party corridor.
There were about 30 dudes and by
the looks of things, some serious
drinking had been going on the past
few days. Three TV sets were lying
around smashed to pieces thanks to a
drop off of the top of the truck. They
told me one made a really good
"pop". There were assorted couches
scattered about, a mountain of beer
cans and a campfire which blazed
with weird colors thanks to the
various toxic items they would throw
into it.
About six of the guys sat on
top of the truck which had
Tiki Torches duct taped to
the top corners. Crowds of
people began walking by on
their way into the track
around 8 or 9. The boys
hurled down insults and sex
jokes. It was amusing. They
also had a "fireman's" pole
for sliding back down to
E.T. and I walked around to some of the
vendors lined around the outside of the
speedway selling racing souvenirs and food. I
wanted an Indian Taco, but they were still
cooking breakfast. Another batch of
streetside party boys set what looked like a
live rat with its head caught in a big trap out in
the middle of the street for all to see. I
walked by and thought it was funny because
it was so realistic. A little later, E.T. told me it
was real. If it was, then it was the sickest
thing I've ever seen anyone do.
We packed up the
gear and headed
toward the speedway
entrance at 10 a.m. I
thought I'd try bringing
in plenty of supplies
this time. I had a
cooler full of beer and
food, another bag with
junk and an umbrella.
The one thing I did not
take was a camera.
We had not stepped 5 feet into
the speedway when it began
raining! I pulled out my poncho
and umbrella and I was one of
the few to keep dry. Hundreds
of thousands of people had
already made it to their seats,
many rushed to seek shelter
under the stands and in the
tunnels. It was packed and
most people just had to sit in
the rain.
We eventually made it over to the tower
and Gasoline Alley, walking around
gawking at stuff. These guys hadn't been to
the track yet this year and there was plenty
of new stuff to see. I was really tired of
carrying my junk around. Next year if I feel
the need to take my own food and beer, I
am going to get a wagon or a large cooler
with wheels!! Many people use wagons
and there are spots behind the stands
where you can leave them while you watch
the race.
After the rain stopped, several fighter
jets flew by. Then a Harrier jet slowly
flew down the front stretch and came
to a stop above turn one. Harriers
have adjustable jet engines that let
them hover in air. The noise was
unbelievable, the loudest thing I have
ever heard. It slowly rotated 360
degrees and then slowly took off. I
wasn't even in the stands right under it.
Its hard to imagine that the noise didn't
damage a lot of ears.
E.T. had gotten an extra pair of tickets over in
Tower Terrace. He and Buddha planned on
watching the start and finish there and the middle
portion up in NE Vista with Johnny and I. I was
surprised by how fast they got the track dry. We
got to our seats right as the parade lap was
coming by. Later I heard they had driven the
Turbine "whoosh" cars by. I'd have loved to seen
those. Anyway it was nice having the extra space
provided by E.T. and Buddha's absense. I was
tired from carrying my junk around for the last 3
The race proceeded well enough, no
accidents or yellows until after the first
150 miles, when Greg Ray, pole
sitter, hit the 2nd turn wall. 2nd place
qualifier, Juan Pablo Montoya, from
the CART series, had already taken
over the lead. He basically led to the
end of the race making this one of the
most boring 500 races I've ever seen.
Little Al had car troubles and bailed
out as did my old friend, Andy
For the first
time in history,
two women
started in the
500. Ironically,
they hit each
other and then
the wall.
returned to the
Toward the end,
Buddy Lazier
began gaining on
Montoya. This
provided some
excitement. About
lap 175 it began to
lightly sprinkle. The
race went on and
Montoya won, to
most people's
Team owner owner Chip Ganassi and Juan Montoya, 2000 Indy 500 winner
After the race,
Johnny-G and I went
back to the U-Haul
truck. Seven hours
had passed and the
frat boys hadn't
slowed down. They
yelled at the girls with
gusto and several
were kind enough to
lift their tops as they
walked by laughing.
Now you see
me....Now you
I got the camp fire
going again and
then some of the
guys fired up the
grill and cooked
some burgers. I
played some
Euchre in the
back of the truck
and tried one of
their homemade
pickled eggs.
By the time it got dark, they
were packing up and getting
ready to torch 4 sofas. That is
when we left for home. They
delay televising the race in
Indy, so we all started
watching it in my living room.
Everyone fell asleep with about
30 laps left to go. It had been
an exhausting weekend and we
can't wait for this September
and the U.S. Grand Prix!
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