Infiniti Pro Series
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    • Affordability based on controlled price engines and chassis.
    • Accessibility of equipment to any team.
    • Opportunity for drivers interested in competing in open wheel cars on oval tracks.
    • Close, competitive racing in new markets for open wheel racing.

    • The races will be at the same tracks on the same day as the IRL.
    • The races will all be for 100 miles.
    • There will not be pit stops.
    • Name: Infiniti Q45
    • Size: 3.5 liter 90-degree V8
    • Power: 450 horsepower at 8100 rpm
    • Name: Dallara
    • Type: Single-seat winged chassis
    • Minimum Weight: 1,430 pounds
    • Fuel: Gasoline, 25-gallon tank
    • Wheelbase: 120 inches
    • Track: Front: 67 inches Rear 64 inches
    • Aerodynamic Specifications: Ground-effect stepped plane
    • Pi Data Acquisition System - Measures steering angle, shock travel, wheel speed, throttle and one spare sensor
    • Manufacturer: Ricardo Configuration: Six-speed sequential with gears mounted forward of the differential
  • FUEL
    • Gasoline
    • Firestone
    • Cockpit: 19 inches wide with Indy Racing League-approved headrest construction Collapsible steering column
    • Approved SWEMS on wheels and rear-wing assembly
  • COST
    • Est. $800k to run a full season (12 races) for a single-car team.
    • It will be less expensive than Indy Lights was.

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