Infiniti Pro Series
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1992 Indy 500 Start The New Infiniti Pro Series is an exciting addition to IRL race weekends. Competition started the summer of 2002. Join the action as open-wheel race cars compete at America's large oval tracks!

Combining rising stars with race teams striving for success, The Infiniti Pro Series bridges the gap between the lower formulas and Indycar.

Succeeding at this level leads to the top rung of American open-wheel racing and to the Greatest Spectacle In Racing: The Indianapolis 500!


  • The races are at the same tracks on the same weekend as the IRL Indycars.
  • The races are for 100 miles.
  • There are no pit stops.
  • Total prize money per race is $100,000 and pays down to 20th place.
  • Race winner earns $25,000.

  • Engine: 450 H.P. Infiniti V-8
  • Chassis: Dallara
  • Tires:Firestone
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