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BAND WEBSITE                                  GENRE                                        HOME BASE                      NOTES
2 Taks Back                  Classic Rock            Indy
3rd Man                      Jazz
4 The Light Quartet          Southern Gospel         Indy
4th Normal Form              Rock/country            Franklin             kids family band
650North                     Hardrock                Southern Indiana
6 Mile Creek                 Rock / Alt
Aberdeen Project             R&B                     Indy                 9-member
Acoustic Catfish             Folk/Blues              Indy                 Duo or Trio
A Failed Escape              Punk metal              Logansport
Airstream Betty              modern country          Indy
Alpine Express               German Folk/Polka       Indy
American Cheese              Cover dance             Indy
American Syndrome            HardRock/Folk           Bloomington
The Anchors                  Southern Gospel         Goshen/South Bend
Andrew Young                 Soul                    Indy                 Piano
Andrew Simmerman Trio        Pop/rock                B'ton + Lafayette
Anita Hall                   Pop/Country/Jazz        Indy
Apache Dropout               Pop rock                Bloomington
Ashworth                     Rock                                         Acoustic
Audio Hitmen                 70s,80s,90s Rock        Indy
Beeblebrox                   Jazz                    B'ton
Big Dick & the Penetrators   Classic Rock            Ft Wayne
Bill Lancton                 Jazz guitar
Blind Bears                  Blues rock              Indy
Blind Observations           Metal                   Vincennes
Blind Rebel                  Southern Rock           Bedford
Blonde Sonja                 Rock                    Indy                 Good, super loud & no breaks
Blue River Band              Country                 Greenwood
BO Jackson 5                 Rock                    Logansport           2 guys
Bonafide                     Country/Rock            Ft Wayne
Bonfire John                 Folk/Indie/Rock         Carmel
Bonesetters                  Surf Rock               Indy                 5-piece band
Brandt Carmichael            Classic Rock            Lafayette
Brent Bennett                Americana               Franklin
Brimstone                    Hard Rock               Peru
Burning Giant                Rock/Alt/Metal          Indy
Carlyn Lindsey & SnakeDoctor Blues Jazz              Bloomington
Carrie Newcomer              Singer/songwriter       Bloomington
Carson Diersing              Blues/rock              Indy                 Harmonica by teen
Cathy Morris                 Jazz                    Electric violin
Chad Rager Groove            Big band                                     8-9 Piece band
Chase Kaycee                 Country                 Fort Wayne
Chester Brown                Jam band                Chesterton
Chris Stone Band             Rock                    Carmel
Circle City Train Wreck      Rock/Country/Folk       Indy
Circuit Thursday             Classic Rock            Carmel
Cocktail Sax Jazz Band       Jazz                    Indy
Coffinsville                 Rock                    Crawfordsville       Horror theme
The Coke Dares               Rock                    Bloomington
Coldspara                    Hard Rock               Lafayette
Cool City Band               Variety Swing & Pop     Indy
Cornfield Mafia              Country/Rock            Indy
Corpuscide                   Metal                   Batesville
Counter Culture              Classic Rock            Huntington
Crosseyed                    Christian Metal         Kokomo
Dan Kirk Band                70s Rock                Bloomington
Decline of Authority         Heavy Metal             Indy
Deliver Us From Evil         Metal                   Evansville
Derick Howard                Jam band                Columbus             1 man jam band
Deutsch-Meisters             German Swing/Dixie      Highland
Devilsmack                   Christian Rock          Auburn
Devil To Pay                 Heavy metal
Doris Jean Davis             Jazz                    Indy                 Jazz singer
Doug Henthorn                Rock                    Indy                 Singer/songwriter
Down Time                    Country/Rock            Russiaville        
DreamZ                       Rock                    Hobart
Dr Groovy & Soul Surgeons    Classic Rock            La Porte
Duke Tumatoe                 Blues                   Indy
Dusty Road Band              Country, Southern Rock  North Vernon
The Dynamics                 R&B                                          8-piece band
Eaten Alive                  Rock/Country            Crown Point          Dance band
The Elect                    Jam band                Indy
The Elixers                  Rockabilly/Psychobilly  Gas City             Power trio
Elwood Splinters Blues Band  Blues                   Southbend
Emerald City                 Classic Rock            Indy
England Brothers                                     Bloomington          Acoustic Duo
Eric Lambert                                         By Chicago           Flat picking Guitarist
The Fender Benders           Country                 Vincennes
Five Year Mission            Pop                     Indy                 Songs about Star Trek
Flying Toaster               Rock                    Indy
Flynnville Train             Rootsy country          East Central Indiana
For The Fire                 Punk/Post-Hardcore/Emo  Indy                 Girl in band
For Us Cool Kids             Rock                    Valpo
Fountainhead                 Rock/Blues              Huntington           Accoustic
Four Sexes                   Jazz/pop                Indy       
Fucking Panthers             Garage/punk/alt         Churubusco
General Philip               Hip-hop                 Columbus
Good Shepherd Band           Christian               Bloominton
Govenor Davis Band           Blues                   Indy
Green Room Rockers           Reggae                  NW Indiana
GTR Band                     Variety                 Indy
Handicapper Generals         Blues/Rock              Carmel
Harvesting Murphy            Hard Rock               Lafayette            
Hazard Bound                 Blues Southern Rock     Knightstown
Henry Lee Summer             Rock                    Indy                 Had some 80s hits
HotWired                     Country                 Columbus
Howard, Lewis & Lovins       Jam band                Columbus
HunXXX                       Rock                    Crawfordsville
Husband&wife                 Rock                    Bloomington
Indiana Boys                 Blue Grass              Bloomington
Indypolkamotion              Polka                   Indy
Jambox                       Classic Rock            Indy
James and the Drifters       Rock / Folk             Huntington
Jared Blake                  Country/rock            Nashville
Jason Wells Band             Blues Rock              Frankfort
Jayne Bonde & Pink Martinis  Show band               Indy
Jeff Day  (myspace)          Original Rock           Indy                 Singer/songwriter
Jenn Cristy                  Original Rock           Bloomington
Jennie DeVoe Band            Soul/blues                                   Singer
Jeremy Vogt Band             Indie rock              Indy
Jody Staples FitzGibbon      Chrisitian              Indy                 Solo artist
Joey-O Band                  Blues/ Rock
John "Cougar" Mellencamp     Pop Rock                Bloomington           
Johnny Rock Band             Rock                                                           
Josh Holmes                  Singer-songwriter       Crown Point
Juggernawt Band              Classic Rock/Alt        Anderson
Jump Cats                    Swing/Dance             Indy                 9-piece Dance band
Katthouse                    Blues/classic rock      LaPorte              M/F acoustic guitarists
Kendall Phillips             Rock country            Zionsville           American Idol Contestant
Kennedy's Kitchen            Irish Band              South Bend
Killing Karma                Pop                     Indy                    
King James & the Verses      Classic Rock/Blues      Indy
Lady and the Trampz          Variety                 Fort Wayne
Lake Effect                  Blues & Motown          NW Indiana
Latin For Maple              Indie post punk         Indy/Anderson        Acoustic
Laura K. Balke               Country                 Pierceton
Left Lane Cruiser            Blues Rock              Ft Wayne
Lemon Wheel                  Dance music             Indy
Limited Slip                 Southern Rock           Mitchell
Living Proof                 Funk, R&B               Indy
Lo Woods                     Progressive Rock        Indy
The Main Squeeze             Post Funk               Bloomington
Marla Jo Mason               Gospel                  Neneveh
Marlin James Band            Country                 Indianapolis
Matthew Tracey               Rock                    Shelbyville          Guitarist, teacher
Max Allen and the Jam Band   Blues/ Rock             Indy
Mellencougar (Facebook)      John Mellencamp Tribute Band    Chicago
Mental Afro                  Funk-Hop                Bloomington
Michael Kelsey               Indie                   Indy                 GREAT Guitarist 1 man show
Middle Of The Road Band                              Laporte              Misc
Midnight Fire                Country/Classic Rock    Indy
Mike Milligan and Steam Shovel  Blues
Mr. Cox Band                 Rock                    Edinburgh
Mound Builders               Heavy Metal             Lafayette
Mountain Reign               Bluegrass               Indy
A Nameless Tragedy           Metalcore               Lafayette
Naptown Boogie               R&B, Dance, Motwon      Indy
New Old Cavalry              Bluegrass               Bloomington          (317)698-1958
No Coast                     Indie Folk              Iowa City
No1Zero                      Rock                    Indy
Nomad Planets                Rock                    Hammond
'Nuff Said                   Classic Rock/covers     Indy                 Male and female singer
Old Dog & the Maulers        Classic Rock/Blues      Lafayette
Orquesta Bravo!              Salsa                   Indy                 with singer Stacie Sandoval
Peace Train                  60's rock               Central Indiana      Large band w/ horns
Pet Monkey                   Classic Rock            Bloomington          4-part harmonies
Phillip Stevens & Open Road  Country                 Indy
Plankton                     Indie                   Culver, IN
Polka Boys                   Polka
Popa Wheelie                 Classic rock country    Columbus
Popular Ego                  Garage Rock             Lafayette
Press the Glass              Rock                    Indy
The Prowl                    Original Rock           Lake Station
Pure Gold Band               Variety                 Indy                 bar band at The Grove
Pursuit of Apathy            Progressive Metal       Columbus
Radio Echo                   Rock                    Indy
Raized On Records            Spiritual Rock          Indy
Redux                        Classic Rock            Indy
The Relics                   50-80s Classic Rock     NW Indiana
Restricted Access            Contemporary Christian  Auburn
Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band   Blues
Rich Hardesty                Rock/reggae/hip-hop
Ridge Runner                 Country                 Lawrenceburg
Rob Swaynie                  Jazz/Blues/Favorites    Indy                 Instrumental guitar
Robin James                                          Indy                 Bassist/Singer
Rockfather                   Rock                    Columbus
Rodeo Ruby Love              Pop rock                Bloomington
Russ Baum & Huck Finn        Pop / Rock              Indy                 Acoustic Guitar + Djembe
Rusty Bladen                 Country                 Indy
Ryan Puett                   Indie/Folk              Indy
Sacred                       Christian Rock          Camby                Father/sons band
Sarah Scharbrough            Variety                                      Piano driven
Shed                         Hard Rock               Indy
SixtyFourEast                Rock                    Evansville
Sketch Machine               Alternative             Ft Wayne
Skinny Soul                  Folk                    South Bend           man-woman duo
Slammer Jazz!                Jazz / pop rock         Indy
Snakehandlers Blues Band     Blues / rock            Indy
Souled Out Band              Dance music                                  Horn section
Sound in the Wilderness      Christian music         Martinsville
Soundsmyth                   Rock                    Indy
Soul Street                  Funk, Soul, Pop         Indy
Southbound                   Classic/Southern Rock   Indy                 2 lead guitars
Southern Reserve             Country/Southern Rock   Indy
Starr Lee Williams           Rock                    Merrillville
Steve Allee                  Jazz pianist            Indy
Stockholm Robot              Folk                    Evansville
Sugar Shot                   Country rock            Fort Wayne
Taken In                     Hard, Rock, Alt         Eminence
Terry Lee & Rockaboogie Band  50-60's Piano Rockabilly Vincennes
Tesla Armada                 Rock                     Indy
That 90's Band               90s Alt Rock             Indy
Thee Open Sex                Trippy Rock              Bloomington
Third Rock                   Rock                     Huntington
Through Being Cool           Party Rock,Covers,Dance  Indy
Tight Rope Band              Classic Rock             Indy
Tilford Sellers              Honky Tonk               Columbus
The Tim Harrington Band
Tim Lolan Tunes              Classic Rock             Indy   
ToeKnee Tea                  Blues, Root, Rock        Indy
Tom Young & the New Heretics Alt-Country              Indy
Tramp Stamp                  Punk rock                Demotte
Tromatons                    Punk rock                Crown Point
TV Ghost                     Rock                     Lafayette
Twin Cats  (Facebook)        Funk                     Indy
Twisted Gold                 60s Tribute              Plainfield
Uncle Juju                   Rock
Urinal Mints                 Punk                     South Bend
Whistle Pigs                 Variety                  South Bend          7-piece horn band
Whitney Erin                 Country/Rock             Indy
Whitney Thetford             Country                  Indy
Wings of a Martyr            Christian Metalcore      Columbus
Woomblies                    Rock                     Indy
Xcrossing South              Country                  Mooresville
Yarz Revenge                 Rock / Punk              Indy
Zero Kings                   Rock                     Vincennes
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