The Roaring 20's
Camel Cigarettes
Advertising Methodologies Through The 20th Century
Glowing endorsement letters from customers...
Jane Fonda says
"Would I walk a
mile for a camel?

Not in these shoes."
...and a famous new tag-line is born!
In 1925, Camel
actually resorts to
poetry as they
describe how
handsome and
debonair the Camel
man drawing is.
1927 - Camel is selling billions

...long before McDonalds!
Camel begins a new
campaign trying to make
smoking look healthy.

People already knew
back then that smoking
was unhealthy.
By the end of the decade, Camel is pursuing young female
customers.  They suggest that in between their tea parties and
golf, classy rich women would appreciate Camel cigarettes.
Go to the 30's
Back to the 1910's
Barbara Streisand
"I smoke because it
soothes my throat
and as a singer, that
is important."
You're in theThe Roaring 20's
Does the above
sound far fetched?  
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"A man isn't safe any more"
"A boon for a breathless age"
"Well Bred"
The number of
Hollywood films
showing on-screen
smoking is back up to
the levels of the 1950s.

Nearly 80% of films
rated for young
audiences include
scenes in which
characters light up.

The reason why nearly
half teenage smokers
in the US try cigarettes
can be linked to
on-screen smoking,
Rita Hayworth says