The nation's most prestigious and longest-running all-Corvette show made
its inaugural appearance at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2015.  

Thousands of Corvette enthusiasts show up for a three great days where
they buy, look and drive at 'The Racing Capital of the World.'

New and used Corvettes are available for sale and attendees are
encouraged to visit the wide variety of Corvette vendors at the event.

Corvette owners will be able to experience the thrill of driving laps on the
oval, high- speed rides on the road course and more thrilling events than
any other car show has to offer.

By renting the entire facility, all aspects of this iconic venue will be offered
to show attendees including the race garages, the Indianapolis Motor
Speedway Hall of Fame Museum and Brickyard Crossing Golf Course.
Bloomington Gold began operations by hosting the Bloomington Corvette Corral
in 1973 at the McLean County Fairgrounds in Bloomington, Illinois. The show
became a hit when 1,500 people attended the event that featured 112
Corvettes. The event has grown substantially through the years, with 5,000
Corvettes expected to appear at the Bloomington Gold show at IMS.

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