From: Paul from Vancouver BC Canada
Date: 11/17/15

Thanks for a very informative and exhaustive description of options.
My brother and I are planning to be a first-time attendees at the May 2016


From: Tadashi
Date: 10/22/15

Hi Dan,

Thank you so much for the wealth of information, your website rocks!

I've been a long time fan of Indycars and the 500, and I finally want to make
the trip for the first time to take my 9yr old son and wife to the 100th running.


From: Bruce H.
Date: 06/07/15

Never too early to look forward to the 100th. This will be something special
for our family, we are planning on bringing our Grandson to his first, Son-
in-law to his first, and our future Daughter-In- law to herFIRST. As you can
see lots of firsts.

Dan your site has been so wonderful for me and my family for so many
years. Thank you for all you do


From: Tony P.
Date: 05/27/15

HI Dan,

Thanks for the great website, I’ve used your info for years and passed it
on to many friends and race fans.  I’ve been going to IMS for 42 years, my
Dad brought me there for Pole Day in 65 & 69 when I was just a kid and I
haven’t missed a 500 race and a ton of qualification days and practice
days since 1975, made every F1 race along with every NASCAR Race
weekend held there and now the SVRA Vintage events.  I retired 10 years
ago and we have set up part time residence every month of May for the 500
& every July for the 400 in our RV.

For the past 8 years we have set our motor-coach up on Georgetown Road
at another place for parking & camping. It was open this year and I gave my
deposit for next year.  They have full hook-up sites with power (50, 30 & 20
amp), water and sewer.  They are gravel sites to park your camper on and
many have a cement patio.  There is a shower house with coin op. laundry
machines.  It is a family run operations and is a working mobile home park,
but during race events you can RV Camp (Both long & short term), Tent
Camp, or just park your car for the day.  The rates are very reasonable.

FYI: With the recent round-a-bout on 16th Street and the closure or
Georgetown Road, you will need to contact El Lou to make arrangements
and get a pass to drive down Georgetown Road prior to     
      your arrival.

With the closing of Georgetown Rd. it cut down the traffic for El Lou, it may
help their business if you could post their info on your website.  Below is
their contact information,

El Lou Mobile Home Park
1708 Georgetown Rd
Indianapolis, Indiana 46224
Phone  (317) 244-2507


From: Lisa
Date: 05/26/15

Thank you so much for your detailed website. Thanks to your advice we
had the best first-timer's trip ever, with picture-perfect views of the front
straight, turn one, and turn two. Plus breakfast at Charlie brown's.
My son is hooked!!


From: Mike J. from Omaha NE
Date: 05/26/15

Hi Dan
First off I love your site and visit it every year before my group departs for
the 500.

I used your handy seating chart to make my list of 3
choices for the upgrade.

Thanks again for all you do keeping us up to date with your web site. It's
really nice and I tell people to check it out all year if they are considering a
trip out there.


From: Doyle M. from Glendale AZ
Date: 05/26/15


Thanks.  Even at such a late date, I was able to sell 2 of the four tickets, and
the buyer wants to buy all four if I do not use them next year.  Once again,
your site delivers the easiest and most enjoyable experience to get tickets
sold.  Thanks for your service.


From: Gary T.
Date: 05/25/15

Hi Dan!

My son and I were watching the Indy 500 at our home in Minnesota
yesterday and really enjoyed it. I have never been a big race fan, but
growing up I loved watching the Indy 500 and it was great watching it with
him yesterday. He asked me about going to it next year, and I have an aunt
that lives an hour north of Indianapolis so we would have a place to stay.

After the race yesterday I found your site and wanted to thank you very
much for all t he effort you have put into it! It answered many questions that
possible first time race-goers like myself have.

I was looking at the seating options and I was curious, in your opinion, if you
can see a lot from the Turn 2 Family viewing mound? I do not have a lot of
money to spend on big ticket prices, and if I have read your site right, my
son would be free (he is 7) with my general admission ticket? That is a
great value and if I do not have the greatest seat, at least he and I would be
able to experience the fun of the race in the company of a family friendly


From: Alex
Date: 05/25/15

My family and I attended our 1st 500 yesterday.  Your website was very
helpful.  We had a blast. My family and I will attend the 100th race next year.  
Thanks and keep up the great work!


From: Dawn C
Date: 05/21/15

I think I was naughty... But I really am not sure and I'm someone who
always follows the rules so this is a terrible feeling for me.  

I heard on TV  that you could take a lap at the Indy Speedway for free today.
I have anxiety and my husband really wanted me to go out and try
something new so,  I checked the web for rules but couldn't find any but
decided  to go.

This is way outside my comfort zone.

Anyway, I got there and was at the wrong gate so the guy rattled off
directions to the other gate so fast I couldn't understand him.  

I eventually found it and I paid $20 (not free) for a waiver; but the man didn't
have a pen so the people behind me were getting irritated, so I pulled
forward to find something to write with. I got a sharpie and filled it out as
quickly as I could but was feeling super anxiety by then...

The next guy waves me forward takes the paper and then the next guy yells
to enter behind the white pace car,

I get on the track and I swear the person in the pace car waved me to go
around so I did.  I hadn't gotten any instructions or rules...The man looked
kind of mad near the end and yelled to slow down.

So.. I still don't know if I broke the rules if I did, I just wanted to apologize.
I'm so sorry if I did it wrong... Please forgive me.

Say 3 Hail Marys.

(I hope you floored it.)

Oh jeepers! Thank you! I feel much better now.  (And I did.)


From: Chris B. from England
Date: 05/19/15

Hi Dan

I'm in the UK and busy arranging my first trip to Indianapolis for the 500.....
in 2016!!

I didn't have a clue where to begin but your web site is simply amazing and
a real valuable tool for anybody who has not been to or knows the

I'm still looking through various options but now have something so helpful
and I plan to go through it all with my friend (who will be coming with me)
later this week.

Really just wanted to say, thank you so much for your efforts and to let you
know it is very much appreciated.


From: Oliver from MN
Date: 05/18/15

Your website is great and extremely helpful! Have visited it 100 times
planning our trip to Indy.  Will be our first time for our group of 10.  
Just wanted to say thanks for all the great info!


From: Denise K. from Odessa TX
Date: 05/14/15

I really appreciate you keeping this website going.  Not only is it FULL of
great information, but it’s an amazing place to buy/sell tickets with the fan
in mind.


From: Mike J. from Omaha, NE
Date: 05/07/15

Hi Dan
First off I love your site and visit it every year before my group departs for
the 500.


From: Earl W.
Date: 05/04/15

Since we can't get the Star anylong I'm finding much of my info on your web
site.Thanks for the great work.


From: Kevin B. from Westerville, OH
Date: 04/25/15

Thanks for your website. You provide an awesome service for race fans. I
have followed your site for years, and have referred many fellow race fans
to your site.

I’d love to buy you a beer or two when I am in town for the race weekend,
just to say thanks and to have a chance to meet you.

Thanks again, Dan, and keep up the great work.


From: Craig W.
Date: 04/15/15

Been using your site for years with great success. Glad to help you keep it


From: Rob W. from TN
Date: 03/09/15

Hey man my name is Rob
I love your Indy 500 blog
This year will be my 28th 500 Mile Race
A group of about 20 of us come from Tennessee every year

I especially enjoy looking at your photos from the late 80s and early 90s
because 1. They bring back a flood of memories and 2. My friend who had
a box full of very similar photos of all of us at the track during those years
has lost them all...we had a bunch of great ones of the infield of turn four
from 86 through 95 when they got rid of the north terrace and moved us
across the tract to H stand...these now seem to be dust in the wind as sad
as that may be

Anyway the reason I'm contacting you is to give you an opinion about the
photos you have labeled "relatives photos from the 40s-50s" or something
like are trying to establish a year for these...

The one photo you have that you seem to think is a car burning on the front
IMO that fire is too big to be a car...also it looks too far into the infield to be
on the track...I think its actually gasoline ally garages that are burning...I
know there was a Race Day morning fire in 1941

I'm certainly no speedway historian but just wanted to bring up that

Anyway it is a very interesting photograph thank you for sharing it
Thanks for your time


From: Chad from Knoxville TN
Date: 05/25/14

Dan I just wanted to say thank you for such a insightful and highly
informative website. My dad is turning 56 next year and has been watching
Indy ever since he was a little boy. He is about 80% blind and I have
decided that next year I would like to take him while he can still see. I think
that this website will help tremendously. Thanks again!


From: C.C.
Date: 05/20/14

As always thanks for the page


From: Jim G.
Date: 05/09/14


I told you before and I’m telling you again your website is great!!!

Thanks for the great pictures and stories.


From: John O. from Cincinnati OH
Date: 05/08/14


I just found your indymotorspeedway website and think it’s great!  I, too,
started my own one-man site . . .  to provide much needed comprehensive
information on Concours d’Elegance car shows.

I’ll be at IMS on Friday & Saturday covering the Celebration of Automobiles
for my site:

As Jim Nabors would say, “Surprise! Surprise!”  I get to see the Grand Prix
as well.


From: Kevin
Date: 03/01/14

Thanks Dan. The info on your website is great. See you in May.


From: Mike J. from Tulsa, OK
Date: 11/14/13

For the last few days I have been browsing through the web site you have
and must say that it is fantastic.  Your narrative is interesting and the
message fun.  I am glad you have the interest and take the time to keep up
with this much work.  Thanks from me and my friends.  My girlfriend and I
have been to the race for 15years and hopefully we can get some sanity in
the family running the race and lighten up the rules.  It is sad to a big time
event dry up and fade like it has.


From: Dan L. from Indy
Date: 08/09/13

I visit your site from time to time .. I never have more than a few minutes ..
but I purchased tix from your board in 2011 I think.
I LOVE your old family photos from 1948 - 1952!!! That track has so much
history.  My son is 11 He's a race fan and I've taken him every year. I've
been to the race most years since 76 ... but this year (2013) was our first
brickyard. Those cars move s-l--o-w-l-y
Keep it up !! Thanks,

P.S. I went to Howe on the east side... And was there thru my teen years
when the 'snake pit' existed. I wasnt there the day on of my school friend
(don Hewit) had photo accidentally taken and put on the back page (the
photo page) by the indy star as he streaked across the track.

I WAS there the next day when the dean read the paper and promptly
suspended Don for 3 days lol !


From: Dave A.
Date: 07/26/13

As usual, my tickets sold to some really nice people. Thanks again for  
having the Best Indianapolis Motor Speedway web site.


From: Kent S. from Swanton OH
Date: 05/27/13

Got home from the Indy 500 today, it's always sad when it's over, I spent
over a hour looking thru your site today,  enjoyed the history and pictures.  
Nice work thanks for sharing.


From: Mid from Little Neck, NY
Date: 05/24/13

Hey Dan, every May I check out your website; it's always great info;
consider yourself lucky to be living in Indy during the month of May! This will
be my first year in about 10 years I won't be going to the race (been getting
tickets since '85) just because it's a long drive over 3 days...
But thanks for your efforts with the werbsite, it's just full of great information.
Enjoy the rces and be safe.


From: Kent from Cincinnati, OH
Date: 05/22/13

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know i enjoyed your site. I was
looking for the radio frequencies and found your list. Then started kicking
around the thing i know it was 3 hours later and 11:30pm.
Needing to get up at 5:00am, I had to call it quits but will return from time
to time.  Keep up the good work.


From: Bill S. from Indy
Date: 05/21/13

I have really enjoyed your site.  Very useful in picking good seats.


From: Ted B. from Fenton MI
Date: 05/19/13

Hey Dan,
Just a note of thanks for this great website on everything Indy.

I have been using it for many years to stay informed and have shared it with
many friends.  Also, it has connected me to some great seats for the race
over the years.


From: Steve R. from Missouri
Date: 05/07/13

Just wanted to tell you I enjoy your web sight and have for many years.
I have passed this sight on to many friends that will be visiting Indianapolis
or one of the races at IMS for the first time.

Every year before Indy I visit the sight often for updates and I use your
seating chart a lot.

Counting down the days to leave for this years Indy 500 (my 22nd)- can't
wait!  So thanks for a great sight, you do a excellent job!


From: Ray M. from Grove City, OH
Date: 04/22/13

been to every race since 1967 and have sat about everywhere except this
section.i would welcome your thoughts as i still have time to move these
tics.fantastic web site-i love it.thank you dan.


From: Tony G
Date: 04/22/13

First of all you have an excellent web site, very informative.


From: Jerimy M.
Date: 03/31/13

What up dan i am a big fan of your web site it is by far the best place to find
information for the indy 500.


From: Bruce H.
Date: 03/23/13

Dan thanks again, this is why I always recommend your site to those who
are serious about this place we call "Indy


From: Marty P. from Lawrenceville GA
Date: 03/10/13

I just stumbled on your site and all i can say is WOW. long time visitor to the
speedway but my friend is on his 32nd visit. we purchased a brick for his
birthday and cant wait to be Back Home Again in may. we made the 1st F1
race and the 1st Brickyard. enjoy your site and looking forward to another
great year. awesome site you have here sir. enjoy the pics i have on my site
i love to capture a vehicle at speed. keep me posted on any updates since
the Atlanta prostitution and fish wrap never says anything about open wheel
just wrestling on wheels or better know as nascar


From: Jay from Buffalo NY
Date: 02/24/13

Amazing really do a great job. I live in buffalo, ny and this year
will be my 6th indy 500 in which i have bought tickets from and got plenty of
info. from your site. Keep up the good work.


From: Gregor from Germany
Date: 01/02/13

Hello Dan,

you really have a great page about seating hints.

I am from Germany, looking really forward to see the Indy 500 once in my
life and your page helped me really to find a good seat.


From: Louis from Bakersfield, CA
Date: 12/25/12

Merry Xmas Dan. Thanks for another great year of postings on your site.
Just wanted to let you know what a great job you have done and that it's
really appreciated !!


From: Michael G.
Date: 11/01/12

We love the pics and the stories.  I have been a regular at the track on race
day since 1988.  Before that first one, I always swore I would only listen to
the race on radio so I could use my imagination (or something stupid like
that).  Now, like you, Race Day is the best day of the year!  Went to every
F1 race, believing I had the best four in the joint J stand top row JJ Section
24.  2005 USGP killed me.

1993 Indy was my all time fave..

Keep up the great site!!!


From: Rod W. from Amsterdam NY
Date: 10/25/12

Good job dan, a much overdue guide to all things indy.  i've gone to over 20
races there.  quite an addiction.


From: Tom B. from Lorton, VA
Date: 05/12/12

Dan, I’m making my first trip to the Indy 500 this year and I’m bringing my
11 year old son. I’m looking forward to a fantastic weekend.

I was lucky enough to find your website. It was tremendously helpful. Just
wanted to say thanks!


From: Dash from Tokeka KS
Date: 05/11/12

Just wanted to let you know that I've been going to the 500 for 25 years
and I've enjoyed your website to help me tweek my pocket guide to good
500 seats.  For the past 10 years I've always taken someone with me to
the 500 that has never been and my guide (along with help from your site)
has provided me with the information to ALWAYS find a great seat.  
Thanks again for putting this site together and have a great time at the 500
again this year.


From: Greg H. from Stl Louis
Date: 05/05/12

I love your site. I attended my first 500 last year with my Dad.
We reconnected after 62 years apart following my adoption.  I have always
been a big fan of the Indy 500, and to get to see my 1st one with my newly
discovered Dad, was an added treat.  Now it will be an annual occurence.


From: Bob from Carmel IN
Date: 05/03/12

Dan, Thanks for putting this site together. Have been to quite a few 500s,
sat in a few locations and your comments are pretty spot on. Gentlemen!
Start your engines!


From: Jeff from Minneapolis MN
Date: 04/04/12

I would like to thank you for setting up this website and offering feedback
on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Indy 500 - particlarly the
seating information.


From: Cap G.
Date: 03/21/12

Hi, Dan,

Thanks very much for the response!  I think it's very nice of you to make
yourself available to questions like this.  I hope that others making inquiries
occasionally pause to thank you for your efforts.  You deserve it!


From: Randy R. from Bluffton IN
Date: 03/05/12

First off thanks for your great site ! Used it tons. I've always wantted to ride
the motorcycle down a few days in May and park under the sign but the
gravel parking always made me hold up (I'm in my late 50's and the
Goldwing gets heavier every year) I didn't want to make a danged fool of
myself. Have the got around to improving that area yet. Thanks agin Dan
we appreciate the work to keep all ua fans informed .  


From: Louis G.
Date: 03/03/12

Dec 12, 2011 - Hi Dan - Miss your web site updates. Is there a problem ?
Hope you are well and will be continuing your web site. I've been a fan for
many years and you site has been of great value during my trips to Indy and
the speedway. Take care.

I stopped working on the web site after Dan Wheldon got killed in the Indy
Car race in Las Vegas..  My heart just wasn't in it anymore.  But I began
once again after about 4 months.  I even went back and updated all the
racing news I'd missed.

March 3 - Dan - Great news !! About a week ago I noticed that the site is
again being updated. Thanks for all of your efforts. It's really cool that you
continue to follow F1 on the site even though they no longer come to Indy:(
I really enjoy you site and hope to meet you at the Speedway some day.
Thanks again