From: Paul W. from Eden NY
Date: 10/14/09

Thank You very much Dan,
I ordered 4 tickets paddock section 8 row VV...I was surprised they
were available.
This past year I had bought tickets off your web site in turn 1...nice
service you provide...thanks.


From: Preston S. from Shenandoah, VA
Date: 09/12/09


Thank you so much for your informative website. You've obviously put
a lot of effort into and it provides much more useful information than
the speedway's official site. My application for tickets to the 2010
Indy 500 was accepted and I am so excited! I visited the Speedway
in July 1969 with a family friend from Indiana and have been a huge
fan of the 500 ever since. This will be my first trip to the race. I can
hardly wait! Your website will be most useful as my son and I plan our
trip. Thanks again.


From: Jim D. from Greenwood IN
Date: 09/05/09

I love your site

I know what you were saying about having common sense and logic
and your site is a good example of that. People think that a website
needs to be like a commercial on tv and grab some ones attention
with bells and whistles they are already there stupid get to the damn
message and info.


From: Dana from Indy
Date: 07/22/09

I have been going to Indy for 35 years and just tonight found your
website by accident.  It is awesome.  Truly helpful information for the
real race fan!!  Too bad the IMS website doesn't compensate you to
link to many of your very helpful tips.  It would make their website
considerably better.  Congrats on a great site for the Indy race fan.


From: Ron D.  near Windsor Ontario Canada
Date: 07/22/09

First off, EXCELLENT site.  By far the best resource I have found
for info about Indy.  It's been tremendously helpful, more so than Indy's
own web-site.  Great work! Oh..and I was able to find this site more
easily using the new BING web search than Google for whatever

Again..thanks for the great web-site and your advice.  It's been a bit
of a challenge to find somebody who knows the place well like you

Cheers...~Ron and Jess from Canada


From: Renate
Date: 07/15/09

Just wanted to compliment your site. I was impressed with the
updates you made.


From: George P.
Date: 05/26/09


I know I already thanked you but I wanted to do it again as we had the
time of our lives this past weekend. Again, your tips on parking are
the best. We actually bought a parking pass on line, lot 1B, and then
picked it up on Sat. We did this based on you comments and your
website is the only one that suggests this. On Sunday we got to the
Speedway area around 9AM and it only took about 45 minutes to roll
into the parking lot as we had the 1B sticker on the window.
Everything else you recommended was perfect! Bringing our cooler,
sunscreen, buying seat cushions (which by the way are now $8
instead of $6) were all great tips.  

Anyway, thanks again for doing such a good job on the website.


From: George P.
Date: 05/21/09


Great website!! Taking my son with me this year for the first time and
we are excited. Your parking tips are a real help.


From: Dan W.
Date: 05/17/09

hi dan,,,,,let me begin by thanking you....your website is great....
thanks for taking the time to build and keepit updated,,,,best info for
the race
i've found.


From: Rick M. from Oklahoma City, OK
Date: 05/14/09

Thanks so much for putting up the website its been a great help for
a first timer.


From: Dave from Indy
Date: 05/08/09

Just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job I think you've done
with your website. I've been going to the track since 1973 and
consider myself pretty familiar with it but still I have learned things
from your page. Being somewhat of a photographer myself, I
appreciate the photos you have shared on your site. If anyone asks
me for a site to tell them all about the track, I suggest yours, not the
official one.


From: Julie H.
Date: 04/27/09

Thanks so much for the help!


From: Tim H. from Schereville, IN
Date: 04/23/09

I just wanted to stop by and tell you thanks for posting a seating chart
to the track!  It makes it so much nicer when you go to buy tix!  Great
site and info!!!


From: Eric from Wheeling, W.VA.
Date: 04/21/09

Dan, I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what a great job you
have done with the seating chart. I have been actively coming to the
speedway since I graduated from High School in 1983. I have a
passion for this facility. Some people get that and some don't. A lot
has changed in the 25 years I have been going there but there is
nothing like 16th and Georgetown. I am grateful and jealous for the
time you had to do this.


From: Andy J.
Date: 04/20/09

Your website has helped me a lot the past 5 years, thanks.  


From: Jeff W. from Milwaukee, WI
Date: 04/17/09

Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. I come to your site every
year and can't believe the work you have put in. I tell all my friends
about it. it's a great site for first timer's. I have been there for the 500
for 26 years so i love to look at your old stories and photo's.


From: Michele E. from Richmond VA
Date: 04/13/09

I really appreciate your site my 82 yr old grandma and I are coming
for the first time to the 500 this may. You have been of tremendous
help with your information.


From: H
Date: 03/31/09

I’m still thinking that the IMS would benefit from having you as a
consultant for their web site.  You do as much to promote the IMS
and Indianapolis as anyone.  That’s just a love for the event and
community.  That’s their loss.


From: Bob C.
Date: 03/22/09

Long time reader of your site great job and i can see you have put
a lot of effort in it and thanks it has been a lot of help over the years.

keep up the great work and the new seat chart is really nice


From: Bill Q. from Dallas TX
Date: 03/05/09

Have loved your website for years.  It helps keep this transplanted
Hoosier up to date on what is happening at "the" track.  Will be
attending the race for the 24th consecutive year this May.  We have
finally made it into E-Stand and are just trying to tweek our location


From: Bob W. from Lincoln Park, MI
Date: 07/29/08


Awesome site!  We came in from Detroit to go to the Allstate 400
over the weekend. Your guide, information, and hints were spot on.

We stayed downtown at the Hilton Garden Inn and took in the
sights/bars on Saturday night.

We were attending a hospitality event (DuPont) and left very early
per your suggestion.  Although we left the hotel (6 miles from the
track) at 6:30 am, it still took us over 90 minutes to go up 16th street
to the track entrance.  Pretty brutal.

Again, thanks for the site. it really helped us enjoy Indianapolis and
the race!


From: Carolyn L. from Franklin KY
Date: 07/24/08

I just wanted to thank-you for your informative web site! I’m going to
my first race (Allstate 400) this weekend  and I don’t know what I
would have done without the useful/helpful tips from your site.  I feel
more apprehensive about this than when I took my family to Walt
Disney World! But, thanks to your site, I think I can pull it off.  The
time and dedication to detail is much appreciated!


From: Rod
Date: 07/22/08

EXCELLENT!!!!!.....Indy car fan i just bumped into your site....again


From: Truman L. from Oklahoma City, OK
Date: 07/20/08

My son and I are coming to indy for the brickyard 400 setting sec H
(my first nascar race in 62 years as a race fan)Your site has gave us
a ton of super info that we will us and A Big OKIE Thanks!!

There are a ton of other web sites that could learn a few lessons
from your site, mainly EASE OF USE!
Thanks again.


From: Beth M. from Anderson, IN
Date: 07/19/08

I would like to say I think you are fantastic for running this site, I can't
tell you how helpful it has been over the past few years for me to use
this site to get ready for racing.


From: Tom W. from Nashville TN
Date: 06/25/08

Dan, nice website.  I took my son to the Indy 500 last year and I am
taking him to the Brickyard this year. I was raised in Columbus
Indiana and attended the 500 in the 60's regularly.  My son is now
30, so it is time!  

I buy front row seats in the Penthouse (usually E) but this time I want to
sit near the start finish line, and your website was very helpful.  

Thanks so much....


From: Frank B
Date: 06/11/08

Your web site is great!  A lot of good info for a first time visitor to the
track. I’ve been planning a trip for years and finally will attend the race
next year.


From: Jim G.
Date: 05/23/08

Well Dan, I have spent the last 30 minutes reviewing your site….and
all I can say is….AMAZING!

I am a 45 year old motorhead that lives in Wausau Wisconsin and I
have been watching Indy (Taped delayed in the early years) since I
can remember.  I now have a 12 year old that also shares the love for
motor racing of all types.  Believe it or not, I have never been to Indy.  
With the holiday weekend, expense, etc… just has not happened.  
But I love it as much as a person could.
Would be disappoint you if I told you that my most cherished part of
the race is the ceremonies before hand and the Jim Neighbors  
singing of Back Home Again in Indiana!  (My eyes water every year
…I am scared I might cry when I am actually there!)


From: Shelli L. from Terre Haute IN
Date: 05/22/08

Dan I wanted to tell you that I love your website and have found it so
useful. My first Indy qualifications and Race was when I was 9 and I
went every year till I was 27 and moved to Hawaii. Now I have moved
to Terre Haute and was so excited about being able to go back an
continue my infield antics :) I came across your website and it really
helped especially with all the changes at the speedway. I basically
wanted to thank you.
Go Danica!!!!!!


From: Rockie Z.
Date: 05/22/08

Hey buddy, this is the absolute best and most helpful website I’ve
ever been to.  I’m not just talking for Indy, I’m talking the best period.  
Thanks for all the work you’ve done on this.

This will be my 21st Indy and I’ll never be better prepared than I am
for this race because of your site.  The Danica pictures are darn
good, too.

U da man.


From: Larry S.
Date: 05/21/08

Hi Dan ...
Your web site has been a favorite of mine for several years.  I
appreciate everything you do for the rest of us loyal Indianapolis
500 fans.


From: Mark from St. Louis
Date: 05/15/08

Dan.....thank God for this website...I'm a first timer this year to the
Indy experience...can't wait....My Dad used to take me to closed
circuit coverage back in the 60's. My son and I are attending this year.


From: Martin H.
Date: 05/11/08

Thanks so much for your help.  I’ve sent a little something to you via
Paypal.  I really appreciate your website.  It is not only informative,
but well run.  Have a good race!


From: Matthew D.
Date: 05/06/08

Dan --  Your website is fantastic and has provided our first time Indy
500 group with A LOT of info regarding the race weekend.  We have
a group of 16 guys (all about 27 years old) coming from Iowa and
Minnesota for the weekend for my bachelor party.


From: Mark K.
Date: 04/13/08

I had a blast checking out your site.


From: Art
Date: 03/15/08

Really appreciate the help.
Spoke to a couple of friends, who live in columbus.
They went to the Indy 500 two years ago, I guess
it's fun finding parking spots over there...
Oh well, thanks for your help.
By the way, great website.


From: Katrina S. from Counce TN
Date: 02/23/08

I absolutely love this site, it has provided me with so much useful
information for my upcoming trip to see the AllState 400 in July.

Thank you so much for your help.  Once again, this site is absolutely
amazing.  Thanks so much!


From: Miles W. from Statesville, NC
Date: 12/27/07

thanks for the info. the speedway should be paying you!!! they
should also look at the web-sites for lowe's motor speedway and
martinsville speedway. they could learn what a track web-site
should be!!!! thanks again for yyur help


From: Guy L. from Quebec Canada
Date: 12/16/07

i like your web site a lot...i went to indy 500 in 2003 and 2005
(DANICA wow!)...greatest races memories ever...i like indy also,
nice city...i like nascar, F1, Champ Car and IRL...I've been to a lot of
races...Montreal (home track), NHIS, Lowe's, Bristol, Darlington,
Richmond, Michigan, Dover, Toronto, Cleveland, Belle Ilse, Pocono
and Watkins Glen...

Folk around here (province of Québec) love auto racing...We have 3
races a years...F1 in june, Champ Car (Mont Tremblant) in July and
Nascar in August...Anyway thanks! Have a nice day!


From: Kurt O.
Date: 06/05/07

     First of all thank you for the directions and tips you gave me
about driving from Cincinnati and how to get to Lot 2. Really worked
out great and saved a lot of time.

Your site is not only very informative but also entertaining.


From: Ryan C. from Indy
Date: 06/01/07

Great site.  I love it.  I grew up in indy, so i remember all of this well,
but i love all the pics and info you have.  keep it up!


From: Dave G. from Utica NY
Date: 05/19/07

Thank you for putting this information together.  I've been to the race
a dozen times over the last 50 years and still find the details a little
overwhelming, always wondering if there was a better way.  Your
site answers a lot of questions.  Thank you.


From: Tim from Illinois
Date: 05/19/07

I want to thank you for all the helpful information regarding the race.
It is my first time and I hope I find your tips to be right on target.


From: Scott S.
Date: 05/18/07


I just completed a purchase of tickets for the Little 500 and Hoosier
100 via your ticket bulletin board.  I’ve also sold tickets to the 500
through your site several times.  I feel compelled to write and tell you
that every transaction I’ve completed through your site was among
the smoothest, hassle-free transactions I have ever completed over
the web.  The people I’ve dealt with have been nothing but friendly,
communicative, and accommodating.  Thank you for offering a
service where I can deal with real race fans rather than money
grubbing ticket brokers.


From: Jay F.
Date: 05/15/07

Hi Dan
We talked last year and I asked if you could see turn two from lower
in the NE Vista sec 12 and you said you thought they were pretty
good seats.
You were right and I even renewed them as I can see more track
from here than most places. Thanks for your help.
I think your new web site is looking pretty good and see you have
added some new stuff.


From: Stacy Hornish from Akron Ohio
Date: 04/17/07


I wonder is she is any relation to Sam Hornish, Jr.?  He's from
Defiance Ohio...


From: Bruce R. from Placerville, CA
Date: 04/15/07

Thanks for doing this site.  Had no idea where to sit for the F1 on
6/17 and your site helped a lot.  Going to sit in North Vista.
Thanks again.


From: Marty S from Anoka, MN
Date: 03/04/07

Hi Dan!

I LOVE your website.  It is so useful.  You are the Indy 500 info KING!


From: Carl B. from Marlyand
Date: 03/03/07

Just to let you know the website looks great!!!!

The improvements you made are dramatic.

Keep up the good work.


From: Henry
Date: 02/03/07

You appear to have condensed some of your previous features but
your update is still a yardstick for IMS events especially true fans.  
Your site is really helpful for novices.

I like your selection of best seats in specific stands around the track.  

I wish I had prepared summaries of each race like you have.  Our
first race would have been good to compare what I had always read
about Indy and anticipated with the actual experience.  We plan to
take our camcorder and do a family summary like we do on
Christmas Eve when we open our presents.


From: Vicki G. from Racine WI
Date: 01/23/07

Dan-Love your website-I've been coming to it for about 5 years now
and love the update! My husband and I have sold our Brickyard tickets
the last several years and have passed your website on to everyone
we have sold them to.

Keep up the great work


From: Aaron L. from Union City, CA
Date: 01/06/07

Hi, first off great site. Very helpful for me.


From: Joel I.
Date: 01/06/07

Thank you very much for clearing that up.
I like your site. It's very useful.