From: Jeff S. from Akron Ohio
Date: 12/30/06

First of all i am a 28 year old ex Indiana resident living in Akron Ohio
and I have to say that I love your website. Looking at the photo archives
helps me cope with the long wait after the month of May has gone,,yes I
am obsessed with the 500 and everything associated with it.What part
of Indy are you from bye the way, I lived in Beech Grove until I was 8 and
we moved to Ohio.Wich is ironic because after the 2004 500 we stayed
in Beech Grove and drove right into the tornado that hit there after the
the race,,we were rescued bye the pizza hut employees on emerson
avenue who let us use there deep freezer as a tornado shelter.
Hope all goes well with revamping the website its thoroughly enjoyed.


From: Tedra
Date: 12/20/06

Thanks Dan!

You were the only one I could find to answer my question about my

They sound pretty okay.  Thanks so much!


From: Marty S.
Date: 11/29/06

Hi Dan,

Your web site is fantastic!  What a great source on info on visiting the


From: David S. from Lake Buena Vista, FL
Date: 11/13/06

Your website is very cool.  Lots of information.  Much appreciated.

Thanks again for replying to my question.


From: Kelly M.  from St. Charles
Date: 11/13/06

For us 1st timers to the track, this site is wonderful!
Your site is full of a lot of very useful information.
Thanks again for all the info, the site is great.


From: Phil B. from St Louis
Date: 10/16/06

Just wanted to tell you that I have your site as one of my favorites. I just
love the track and May is like Christmas is to everyone else.  Someday
I wish I would have enough money to be at the track all month.  Anyway
you have a great site and it helps me get through the long winter
months.  Thanks.


From: Tammi M.
Date: 10/06/06

Hi Dan,

I came across your site and I am thankful I did. I live in California and for
Christmas this year I want to surprise my husband and take him to the
Indy 500 race next year.

I appreciate your help and your site was very helpful to me.

Thank you

From: Stéphanie C. from Paris France
Date: 09/19/06

Many, many, many thanks ! All the links you gave me where very helpful
and thanks to all your informations, I've finally found a nice
accomodation in Downtown Indianapolis. That's great !

Once again, many thanks for your help cause I was totally lost.

Best regards -- and hope to enjoy a terrific F1 race next year !


From: Neal C.
Date: 08/28/06

You must have spent a long time and a lot of work.  It is truly a great site.

Neal (Non-smoker)


From: Mike
Date: 08/04/06

Hey Dan,

Great web site! I'm going to tell all my friends about it. It is the
most helpful site I have found. I looked and looked to find a detailed
seating chart for the IMS and found nothing until yours.

Thanks for all the time and effort,


From: Stephanie H.
Date: 07/09/06


Just tell to tell your site is cool..My first trip to brickyard this year and I
can't wait...I was looking for some information of exactly where my seats
were and your site was the most help...although the way I ended up with
the tickets is quite funny...but no need to go there...

thanks again


From: Ted S.
Date: 06/19/06

Hello Dan,

I know this is probably corny, but thanks again for a great website!  Your
information and helpful hints we very valuable, and made my first
experience at Indy a truly memorable one!  What a finish!!


From: Connie N. from Dallas
Date: 06/05/06

Hello –
First, I want to tell you what an awesome site this is. I found it after doing
a Google search and have visited it many times in the last couple of
weeks. There is so much valuable information for someone like me who
has never been to IMS.


From: Scott W.
Date: 05/18/06

Back in your December issue of 2005 you mentioned our son, 12
year old- Austin Woodham. Austin was the retiring Quarter Midget
driver that will join Ryan Newman in the Hall of Fame as drivers
from Indiana. We want to thank you for your time and the recognition
you gave to Austin.  I enclosed you a recent picture of him in his Mini
Sprint.  Again, thank you very much.

The Woodham's

From:Jim G.
Date: 05/17/06


Just wanted say how great your website is. Had to look all over to find
your link. I believe you love it as much as I do. I have to drive 3 hours to
get there so I don't get to be there like you. Thats where you come in
and show me what I'm missing. Its not just the race or the cars or the
women its all of it together. Keep up the great work so I don't miss


From: Mark H. from St. Louis
Date: 05/16/06

Dan... you have a great website. Thanks for doing it. I grew up in Indy,
northeast side, and went to Arlington, Class of '76. In fact, I'm the only
guy I know that went to "Senior Cut Day" three years in a row..... guess I
got an early start.

The stuff on your site is amazingly accurate. Really brings back
memories from the good ol' days. Man, those days are gone and the
thing has become nearly sterile. I remember when they used to easily
get 200,000+ on Pole Day, back when USAC ran the show and you
could hear the Goodyear blimp grind through the Indianapolis sunset
most evenings in May.

Here's to hoping 2006 is an Eddie Cheever year. We now sit in the
pits..... too civilized.


From: Craig L. from Riverview, FL
Date: 05/16/06

Just want to thank you for having this site and I did make a donation via
Paypal. We cannot always make it to the race since we live in Florida
and it is nice to have such an easy way to sell our tickets without having
to deal with the high price ticket brokers. Our tickets were sold in less
than 24 hours of them being posted! So people are definitely using the

I hope you are able to keep the site going and hope it is around next
year if we need to sell our tickets again.

Thanks Again!


From: Michael B
Date: 05/08/06

By the way, I still find your site to be the best on Indy, and recommend it
to anyone who wants to know what is happening with the 500. Thanks
for doing such a great job with it.


From: Luke C.
Date: 04/27/06

Hi Dan,

I just wanted to let you know how much your site is appreciated. I've
been coming to Indy for over 12 years now. My brother and I are
certified Indy geeks. Last year we were able to enter the suite area
above winner's circle after most people were gone. As we entered the
pit road area we noticed a camera crew leaving and managed to kiss
the pit road bricks, like I said we are geeks. Call it luck but as we were
leaving the suite area we noticed a table looking out over the entire
front straight with two cold, unopened beck's beers on it, with no one
around. It was like the Indy gods had smiled upon us.

Maybe it's a bit sadistic of me, but finding tickets is half the fun. I saw
your site last year and used your "sweet spot" section to find great
tickets in the NW vista for under face. And you were right, they were
very good seats. Thanks again for what surely was a great amount of
time to gather the info and make a great web site. May the Indy gods
smile upon you.


From: Kirby A.
Date: 04/25/06

Thanks. You have a great site.


From: Bill S.
Date: 04/20/06

thanks for your great site and your time, I found your site very helpful the
first race I attended a few years ago. I plan on attending again this year.
I was interested in finding out more info about camping in peoples'
yards  around the track. It looked like the place to party.


From: Michael M.
Date: 04/20/06

Thank you for your help.  You have a great website with a lot of
information, and I have made use of it frequently over the years.
Is the Indy 500/Indy racing league healthy?  It seems like the last few
years the crowds have been in decline, and this year the front office has
sent out follow up letters indicating tickets are still available.  I hope the
event is not in trouble, it is such a great spectacle.  Thanks again.


From: Doc M . from Beechgrove IN
Date: 04/01/06

hey dan, wonderful web site! i really like your taste in women on
those photos.
thanks for the time you must have put in for such a great web site.
p.s. this year will be #40 for me,i become more emotional each year.
see ya


From: Jay F
Date: 03/08/06

Hi Dan.
I love your web page.
Very helpful and full of pictures.
Here is another good site from MSN that you can
really zoom in on to get a close look at the seats at Indy, and try the
birdseye view when you get close. This is much better than the
Teraserver satellite page.


From: Rob
Date: 02/08/06

hey man cool site

i stumbled across it looking for pics of the tennessee countryside oddly

i've been to every 500 mile race since 1986 and l live in tennessee so
i've been to a few bristol races as well.

i'm already looking foward to indy this year we always camp in lot 2 so
look us up and we will drink a beer

oh rush kicks ass btw


From: Bobby F.
Date: 02/01/06


I just wanted to say thanks for posting the bands on your site.

I am looking for a blues/soul band for a private party in July in Crown
Point and appreciate the links you provided.

Keep up the good work.


From: Gordon D. from Bowling Green KY
Date: 01/20/06


Just want to say 'thanks' for a wonderful Indy 500 site!  My Indy
obsession started in 1990 with my girlfriend (who is now my wife) and
we have been to every race since then for 16 years in a row now.  Too
many stories to tell but someday I will sit down and send you some.  My
8 year old son has been to the last 2 races and loves it just as much as I
do.  I have spent the last week on you site every night and still have not
seen everything you have.  Just love it!


From: Brian A.
Date: 01/11/06

I am a newbie to the Brick Yard.  I love your web page !!!
This will be my second time @ Indy.  Were going to see the brickyard


From: David
Date: 12/16/05

HI Dan
I have been on your site many times over the last 6 months and wanted
to say how much I have enjoyed it. I have been coming to Indy since
1962 ( I live 200 miles away ) and nothing beats a cold winters evening
like reliving some of the sites of Indy.
Keep up the good work.
Happy Holidays


From: Henry E. from Houston TX
Date: 10/16/05

The Indy has been special to me since I was in high school.  I have
recorded each race and some twice with the IMS radio dubbed over
the TV since the early 1980’s.  To have missed recording the first Indy
that I attended was mind-numbing.  I checked every source I could to
find a copy.  Your love for the Indy far exceeds mine and you were
willing to make me a copy basically at tape cost.  There is no dollar
value that can be placed on the tape that you provided.

I’ll let you in on my own little secret as to my desire to not miss the race
again.  This year for the Brickyard, we bought a small VCR at the
Brownsburg Walmart.  We hooked it into the cable at our hotel and
recorded the race.  (I have a very understanding wife).  We plan to carry
it with us to future races.  I’m not sure that I might should seek out
professional care.

I still owe you at least a dinner or a beer at the track for the tape you
provided.  I consider you a friend for the tape you provided and hope
that if I’m ever in a bind again that you’ll be willing to provide help.

The IMS should provide funding for your website.  I refer to it frequently
throughout the year as does any serious Indy fan.  I have sold tickets
and have looked to buy tickets knowing that these are serious fans.  As
a fan, thanks.


From: Gary D.
Date: 10/03/05

Dan  - these are fantastic!!!
(I had emailed him various pics he'd
Thank you very much. I was at the NASCAR race yesterday
and attend many. Let me know if I can ever do you a favor.

By the way, my car took 1st place at a local car show for production


From: Ted S. from PA.
Date: 07/19/05

I stumbled upon your web site recently, and you really have a lot of great
information there!


From: Jay from St. Augustine FLA
Date: 06/17/05

Still reading through but I love the head to head comparison. Great Site!
I will fwd this site to freinds.

Way to be!

Answered a lot of questions I had. Keep it up!!!


From: Stephen F.
Date: 06/08/05

Great site! I learned far more about the circuit than I did from the website, which is sadly lacking in details. I am headed
down from Canada for my first ever live F1 race, I can hardly wait.


From: The Charles Family from Kansas City
Date: 05/30/05

Thanks for all of your tips Dan.  We traveled from Kansas City to the
Indy 500 and were quite prepared thanks to your site.  We stayed at the
Hampton Inn off of Woodland Road for who knows why but it turned out
to be quite a gem.  We left at 6:20 am and were in parking lot #2 in 12
minutes.  We stayed at the track until 5:30 pm and were back at the
hotel in 20 minutes.  Just thought you might want the info.  
Thanks again!


From: Scott F from Mason, Ohio
Date: 05/30/05

First off your pictures are awesome I want to know what camera it is
that you are using and which lens's you have.

Thank you for the incredible shots and a well designed web site.


From: Rod
Date: 05/29/05

I went to the race for the first time today. Your directions to the Coke lot
got me in and out of the race with no problems. I thought I'd let you now
how helpful the instructions were and appreciate you taking the time to
list on the web.


From: John M
Date: 05/28/05


I discovered your site about 4 years ago and have found it both useful
and enjoyable. Thanks for providing it.

I have attended more than 40 Indy 500s, so I understand how the Indy
bug bites.


From: Terri
Date: 05/27/05

thanks for posting it.  i saw in a few places that you were putting
together a seating chart of the stands, but i can't find it.  for some
strange reason i've decided to take my 3 eight year olds to the race this
year (1 mom 3 kids could be fun).  anyway, i've been searching for days
for a detailed seating chart, with no avail.  i'm hoping we're going to be
somewhere close to other family members.
we are sitting in Stand J - Sec. 28, Row H.  (much to my delight, that
stand and section is listed as a sweet spot on your site.)
someone said there wasn't a row I.  is that so?

again i appreicate your help and the time you put on your site!!  it really
is the best i've run across.

have a great weekend!


From: Matt
Date: 05/24/05

Hey there Mr. Dan,

I absolutely love your website and it is the most helpful and clearly
written site I have ever seen,  thanks for that, keep up the good work!!  I
was reading through your photo diaries and I saw that you went to the
MIS IRL race and you were interested in returning.  I am from Albion,
MIchigan, which is about 20 minutes (taking the highway the whole way)
from Jackson, where you stayed last year.  I can basically guarantee
that you would easily be able to find an inexpensive room that is also a
good value, instead of trying to find a room in jackson.  Also theres
some nice little restaurants here in Albion. But the real reason I think
you would love to stay in Albion, is that our downtown street is paved in
bricks, reminds me of what indy must have been like a long while back,
well I hope my email was at least a little bit as informative as your
website is/has been to me, thanks again and I hope i run into you at the
500 this weekend.


From: Steve C from Wisconsin
Date: 05/23/05


thanks so much for your work and enthusiasm- 6 more days!!!!


From: Eric from Milwaukee
Date: 05/23/05


Great web-site!!!  I stumbled on it and can't stay away from it!  You've
put a lot of hard work and effort into it.  Thank you very much.  I grew up
on the south side, but now live in Milwaukee.  I will be attending my 18th
consective "500" on Sunday.  

Thanks again!


From: Mike  S. from Atlanta
Date: 05/18/05

Dan, what a super site!  I have been to several F1 races and thought I
knew my way around, but your site has educated me in many areas.  


From: Johnny from Indy
Date: 05/09/05

I love your website..It was 1989 and the 4th turn was really happening.
We were partying on top of a van drinking and after a while, my buddy
was trying to wrestle and raise hell and after a slight skirmish I was
thrown off the top of the van . Luckily there was an unnamed make of
car that softened the impact,the hood was dented severely and I ran
away hoping not to be ID'd.


From: Michael B
Date: 05/16/05

Dan-You have a great site.  It has been really informative.


From: Joe P. from Sin City
Date: 05/16/05

Hi dan, just wanted to drop u a note to thank you for the great job u do
with your site.. i'm a chicago native transplanted to las vegas aproxx
13 yrs  now but every year as may aproaches that little voice inside
becomes louder and louder the goose bumbs grow larger and the mind
starts to calculate with the ambition of a third world dictator How will
i make it to a place that i concider to be THE most special in universe
.... 16th&georgetown at least for a couple of days in may... just to put
it in perspective i can only compare it to the calling(that i'm told)of
a arab to meca... same difenence to me... indy in may is just as holy
and sacred and i'm just as devoted .... (yea i'm still a little pissed
about the split and allowing F1&nascar on sacred ground.. but thats a
Whole different disscusion )but reflecting on past years of
memories(more like flashbacks) its good to know that someone other
myself feels the magic that radiates from the most holyest place i know
and takes the time to guide and help the flock find the holy land....ok
now i think i have my rapture under control(;.>) last year i bailed
after 4 hours convinced that there was no way they would ever get the
track dry before the next showers and decided to visit friends out on
41st street till the weather subsided (plus i needed a COLD beer) and
planned on a monday race not my first but i was still riding on one of
my greatest acomplishments.. twenty odd years in the making i finnally
beat the gate and got in to gasoline alley that alone would have been
enough but then i 'm cutting through the restriced parking lot and who
do i run into but someone i've seen from behind a waist high fence every
may since i was waist friend and his son were
dumbfounded and i finally got to thank and speak to someone i've
and admired for over 30 yrs... just goes to show ya GOD is definitly a
fan of openwheel racing and just like me he loves indy in may....(now if
he would just talk to the devil about not fixing the nascar race in
august so gordon dosent win and talk to the powers that be to let tony
do the double every year till he's 70...sorry i get a little carried
away sometimes) but my note seems to have turned into a letter but in
conclusion iwould not only like thank you again but i would be honored
to buy you a beer friday night or sat at a watering hole of your
choice... besides this year me and my partner in crime are bringing the
rv and stayin till they ask us to leave or when we sober up monday night
and would like find a place we can call home (and stumble back to the
rig from )since we finnally dont have to fight traffic on the way back
to chicago... we gonna be in lot three on 16th and i'll gladly return
the favor if you ever come to any guidance is appreciated
i hope to be able to buy you a cold one (or ten) in 2 weeks ...
thank you . joe p


From: Mike H
Date: 05/09/05

What an incredible service you provide, especially for those of us who
are not very familiar with the IMS.  I'll be sending a $5 check .

I'm looking for two tix, and on your sellers board found Section B, Box
24 Row Z
and also Section A, Box 37, Row HH
Which would you choose?

I've been to the race once - in 1992 when Al Jr. beat Scott Goodyear by
.043 seconds.  My cousin owned a liquor store and got the tix free from
a beer distributor.  I just got out the old stub.  They were in paddock row
G (face value was $55) and I while I was content with the seats, my
cousin was dissappointed saying they were too low.  I'm taking my wife
this year and have told her "you have no idea what 220 miles an hour
looks like till you see these cars zip by just 50 to 100 yards away."

Thanks again for your fine website.


From: Mike H
Date: 05/08/05

Just want to let you know your website has been very helpful to me
planning my first trip to Indy.