2019 F1 CARS & DRIVERS  Spotter's Guide
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Sebastian Vettel
Born July 3, 1987
Nationality: German
1st Year in F1: 2007
Car # 5
Lewis Hamilton
Born Jan 7, 1985
Nationality: British
1st Year in F1: 2007
Car # 44
Lando Norris
Born Nov 13, 1999
Nationality: British
1st Year in F1: 2019
Car # 4
Romain Grosjean
Born in April 17, 1986
Nationality: French
1st Year in F1: 2009
Car # 8
Valtteri Bottas
Born Aug 28, 1989
Nationality: Finnish
1st Year in F1: 2013
Car # 77
Daniel Ricciardo
Born July 1, 1989
Nationality: Australian
1st Year in F1: 2011
Car # 3
Team Principal:
Chief Technical Officer:
Deputy Team Principal:
Head of Performance Engineering:
Chief Designer:
Senior Performance Engineer:
Race Engineer:
Race Engineer:
Chief Technical Officer:
Head of Aerodynamics:
Chief Engineeer:
Racing Director:
Excecutive Director:
Team Manager:
Race Engineer:
Chief Mechanic:
Alonso's Mechanic:
Team Principal:   
Technical Director:  
Team Principal:
Technical Director:
Team Manager:
Head of Aerodynamics:
Non-Executive Chairman:
Technical Director:
Head of Motorsport:
Managing Director:
Engineering Director:
Technology Director:
Team Principal:
Chief Technical Officer:
Chief Designer:
2019 Ferrari
2019 McLaren
2019 Racing Point
2019 Red Bull
2019 Mercedes
2019 Williams FW
2019 Toro Rosso STR
Team Principal:   Monisha Kaltenborn
2019 Sauber
Nico Hülkenberg
Born Aug 19, 1987
Nationality: German
1st Year in F1: 2010
Car # 27
Sergio "Checo" Pérez
Born Jan 26, 1990
Nationality: Mexican
1st Year in F1: 2011
Car # 11
2019 Formula 1 Launch Photos
Drivers & Cars
+ Rule Changes
Each year, every Formula 1 team introduces their
new race cars, liveries and drivers for the year.  

Included here are pictures to help you identify the
cars and drivers for the upcoming racing season.

You will also learn about new Formula 1 rules that
will affect racing and the design of the race cars.
Previous F1 Launch Photos:
Kimi Räikkönen
Born October 17, 1979
Nationality: Finnish
1st Year in F1: 2001
Car # 7
2019 Formula 1 Launch Dates:

Pierre Gasly
Born Feb 7, 1996
Nationality: French
1st Year in F1: 2018
Car # 10
Formula 1 Car Changes for 2019

F1 is reducing the number of elements allowed on the front wings and banning all the little
winglets and pieces that stick up on the
front wing and front brake ducts.  This has two
purposes.  The purpose of these and other changes detailed below, is to Remove Downforce
and the other is to Reduce Turbulence for the cars behind, thus making it easier for them to

Brake Ducts:
Winglets are now banned.

Blown Axles are now banned.

Barge Boards:
Lowered 150mm and moved forward 100mm

Front Wing:
Widened by 200mm
moved forward 25mm and raised 25mm
Limiting under-wing strakes to two each side
Deletion of the upper flaps at the outer ends of the wing

Rear Wing:
Raised 50mm to help driver's view.  
Width and depth of wing increased.  
End Plates can no longer have horizontal gills.
End Plate Lights being added (vertical strip lights on each
end of the back of the real wing - to work with taillight)

The DRS opening will be increased from 65mm  to 85mm

Rear View Mirrors:
Repositioned for better rear view visibility and safety

On Board Cameras:
Repositioned for better TV

Halo Fairing:  
Adjusted to ease extraction of a driver
Antonio Giovinazzi
Born December 14, 1993
Nationality: Italian
1st Year in F1: 2019
Car # 99
Rule Changes for 2019

Drivers will now only be allowed to overtake after a safety car period once they have
crossed the start-finish line. Previously they had been allowed to do so at a safety car line.

Teams will now be responsible for initial scrutineering of their cars and must declare that
their cars comply with all safety related matters.

A checkered light panel will be used at the end of the race alongside the traditional flag.

For 2020, the team personnel curfew will increase from eight to nine hours
Max Verstappen
Born: Sept 30, 1997
Nationality: Belgian
1st Year in F1: 2015
Car # 33
Team Principal:  Guenther Steiner
Toro Rosso
Red Bull
Force India
Charles Leclerc
Born Oct 16, 1997
Nationality: Monégasque
First year in F1: 2018
Car # 16
               Driver Changes Between 2018 & 2019

George Russell       - 20 y/o Brit  2018 F2 Champion.                                - Racing for Williams.
Lando Norris           - 19 y/o Brit finished
2nd in 2018 F2.                           - Racing for McLaren.
Alexander Albon     - 22 y/o Thai-Brit finished
3rd in 2018 F2.                     - Racing for Toro Rosso.
Robert Kubica         - 34 y/o Pole raced F1 for Sauber 2006-2010.             - Racing for Williams.
Danill Kvyat              - 24 y/o Russian raced for Toro Rosso 2014-2017.      - Racing for Toro Rosso.

Fernando Alonso         - Has quit F1.                   - Will compete in 2019 Indy 500 & 24 Hours of Daytona.
Marcus Erisson            - Out at Sauber.               - Joining IndyCar series.
Stoffel Vandoorne        - Out at McLaren
Esteban Ocon               - Out at Force India (Racing Point)
Brendon Hartley           - Out at Toro Rosso.

Carlos Sainz Jr         -  Out at Renault.  Moved to McLaren.
Charles Leclerc        - Quit Sauber to joing Ferrari.
Kimi Raikkonen        - Out at Fererari.  Moved to Sauber.
Daniel Ricciardo       - Quit Red Bull to join Renault.
Pierre Gasly               - Quit Toro Rosso to join Red Bull.
Lance Stroll                - Quit Williams to join Racing Point (Force India)

The 2019
Kevin Magnussen
born October 5, 1992
Nationality: Danish
1st year in F1: 2014
Car # 20
Managing Director:
Chief Technical Officer:
Chassis Technical Director:
Engine Technical Director:
Head of Aerodynamics:
Lance Stroll
Born October 29, 1998
Nationality: Canadian
1st Year in F1: 2017
Car # 18
George Russell
Born February 15, 1998
Nationality: British
First Year in F1: 2019
Car # 63
Robert Kubica
Born December 7, 1984
Nationality: Polish
First Year in F1: 2006
Car # 88
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Jerome Stoll
Cyril Abiteboul
Bob Bell
Nick Chester
Remi Taffin
Pete Machin
Maurizio Arrivabene
Mattia Binotto
Simone Resta
Eric Boullier
Ron Dennis
Jonathan Neale
Zak Brown
Paul "Taffy" James
Andrea Stella
Kari Lammenranta
Marc Cox
Claire Williams

Ed Wood
Andrew Murdoch
Dave Robson
James Urwin
Paddy Lowe
Dirk de Beer
Doug McKiernan
Powered by Mercedes
Powered by Renault.
Christian Horner
Adrian Newey
Powered by Honda.
Franz Tost
James Key
Graham Watson
Brendan Gilhome
Powered by Ferrari.
Powered by Ferrari.
Powered by Mercedes.
Niki Lauda
Paddy Lowe
Toto Wolff
Andy Cowell
Aldo Costa
Geoffrey Willis
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Alexander Albon
Born March 23, 1996
Nationality: Thai-British
1st Year in F1: 2019
Car #
Daniil Kvyat
Born April 26, 1994
Nationality: Russian
1st Year in F1: 2014
Car # 26

Sebastian Vettel
Sergio Perez
Romain Grosjean
Lando Norris
Lewis Hamilton
Max Verstappen
Nico Hulkenberg
Kimi Raikkonen
Daniil Kvyat
Robert Kubica

Charles Leclerc
Lance Stroll
Kevin Magnussen
Carlos Sainz
Valtterei Bottas
Pierre Gasly
Daniel Ricciardo
Antonio Giovinazzi
Alexander Albon
George Russel
Updated Dec 13, 2018
Photos Coming February 2019
Carlos Sainz, Jr.
Born: Sep 1, 1994
Nationality: Spanish
1st Year in F1: 2015
Car # 55
(diagrams from crash.net)
Front Wing
Rear Wing