2017 F1 CARS & DRIVERS  Spotter's Guide
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Sebastian Vettel
Born July 3, 1987
Nationality: German
1st Year in F1: 2007
Lewis Hamilton
Born Jan 7, 1985
Nationality: British
1st Year in F1: 2007
Stoffel Vandoorne
Born March 26, 1992
Nationality: Belgian
1st Year in F1: 2017
Romain Grosjean
Born in April 17, 1986
Nationality: French
1st Year in F1: 2009
Valtteri Bottas
Born August 28, 1989
Nationality: Finnish
1st Year in F1: 2013
Daniel Ricciardo
Born July 1, 1989
Nationality: Australian
1st Year in F1: 2011
Team Principal:
Chief Technical Officer:
Deputy Team Principal:
Head of Performance Engineering:
Chief Designer:
Senior Performance Engineer:
Race Engineer:
Sporting Manager:
Racing Director:
Excecutive Director:
Team Manager:
Race Engineer:
Chief Mechanic:
Alonso's Mechanic:
Team Principal:   Dr. Vijay Mallya
Technical Director:   Andrew Green
Team Principal:
Technical Director:
Team Manager:
Head of Aerodynamics:
Non-Executive Chairman:
Technical Director:
Head of Motorsport:
Managing Director:
Engineering Director:
Technology Director:
Team Principal:
Chief Technical Officer:
Chief Designer:
Fernando Alonso
Born July 29, 1980
Nationality: Spanish
1st Year in F1: 2001
2017 Ferrari SF17
2017 McLaren MCL-32
2017 Sahara Force India VJM10
2017 Red Bull RB13
2017 Mercedes F1 W08
2017 Williams FW40
(Last year was the FW38.
They skipped FW39.)
2017 Toro Rosso STR12
Team Principal:   Monisha Kaltenborn
2017 Sauber C36-Ferrari
Nico Hülkenberg
Born August 19, 1987
Nationality: German
1st Year in F1: 2010
Sergio Pérez
Born Jan 26, 1990
Nationality: Mexican
1st Year in F1: 2011
2017 Photos of F1 Drivers & Cars
& Rule Changes
Each year, every Formula 1 team
introduces their new race cars, liveries
and drivers for the year.  

Included here are pictures to help you
identify the cars and drivers for the
upcoming racing season.

You will also learn about new Formula 1
rules that will affect racing and the design
of the race cars.
Previous F1 Launch Photos:
Kimi Räikkönen
Born October 17, 1979
Nationality: Finnish
1st Year in F1: 2001
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2017 Formula 1 Launch Dates:

Feb 20
Feb 21
Feb 22
Feb 23
Feb 24
Feb 24
Feb 25
Feb 26
Feb 26
Feb 26
Daniil Kvyat
Born April 26, 1994
Nationality: Russian
1st Year in F1: 2014
Car Changes for 2017

There are more changes to the F1 cars this year than in the last 19 years.  The most visible change is a shark fin.  

The chassis width grows back to the pre-1998 days of 2 meters.

The tires are also wider.  

The front will have a delta-shaped wing and sidepod inlets that lean back.   View the
Front End Comparison.

In back, the rear wing end plates are new.

The cars are supposed to be lighter which will make them faster.  

Thanks to the wider tires and bigger aero, they will have more downforce which means they will handle more g's.  

Engines will remain hybrid turbo V-6s, but the engine token program will be scrapped and a boost pressure
constraint in being introduced.  Drivers will be allowed 4 engines this year instead of 5.
Marcus Ericsson
Born September 2, 1990
Nationality: Swedish
1st Year in F1: 2014
Rule Changes for 2017

To address the issue of 'unsafe release' from
pitstops, a light will now show a driver if the pit
lane is safe.

A loophole that allowed drivers to amass huge
penalties whilst stockpiling engines has been
removed.  From 2017, only the last engine
change can be used subsequently, which would
render the 'stockpiled' engines useless.

Pirelli will mandate tire compound selections in
the opening 5 races of 2017, to ensure teams
do not choose too many softs.

If a safety car has to come out for rain, then the
race will restart from the grid and not be a flying
Max Verstappen
Born: Sept 30, 1997
Nationality: Belgian
1st Year in F1: 2015
Carlos Sainz, Jr.
Born: Sept1, 1994
Nationality: Spanish
1st Year in F1: 2015
Team Principal:  Guenther Steiner
Force India
Red Bull
Toro Rosso
Pascal Wehrlein
born October 18, 1994
nationality: German
First year in F1: 2016
Driver Changes Between 2016 & 2017

Nico Rosberg and Jenson Button retired.

Lance Stroll hired by Williams to replace retiring Felipe Massa.

Valtteri Bottas moved from Williams to Mercedes, prompting
Felipe Massa to return to Williams for one more year.

Esteban Gutierrez is out.   Was with Haas F1.

Felipe Nasr is out.  Was with Sauber.

Kevin Magnussen moved from Renault to Haas

Nico Hulkenberg moved from Force India to Renault

Max Verstappen moved from Toro Rosso to Red Bull

Stoffel Vandoorne moved from test driver to race driver at McLaren

Manor Racing went out of business.

Esteban Ocon moved from Manor to Force India

Pascal Wehrlein moved from Manor to Sauber
The 2017 VF-17
Jolyon Palmer
born January 20, 1991
Nationality: British
1st year in F1: 2016
Kevin Magnussen
born October 5, 1992
Nationality: Danish
1st year in F1: 2014
Managing Director:
Chief Technical Officer:
Chassis Technical Director:
Engine Technical Director:
Head of Aerodynamics:

Racing Director:
2017 R.S.17
Esteban Ocon
born September 17, 1996
nationality: French
First year in F1: 2016
Lance Stroll
Born October 29, 1998
Nationality: Canadian
1st Year in F1: 2017
Felipe Massa
Born April 25, 1981
Nationality: Brazilian
1st Year in F1: 2002
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Jerome Stoll
Cyril Abiteboul
Bob Bell
Nick Chester
Remi Taffin
Pete Machin

Frederic Vasseur
Maurizio Arrivabene
Mattia Binotto
Simone Resta
Eric Boullier
Ron Dennis
Jonathan Neale
Zak Brown
Paul "Taffy" James
Andrea Stella
Kari Lammenranta
Marc Cox
Claire Williams
Rob Smedley
Ed Wood
Andrew Murdoch
Dave Robson
Steve Nielsen
Powered by Mercedes
Powered by Renault.
Christian Horner
Adrian Newey
Powered by Ferrari.
Franz Tost
James Key
Graham Watson
Brendan Gilhome
Powered by Ferrari.
Powered by Ferrari.
Powered by Mercedes.
Niki Lauda
Paddy Lowe
Toto Wolff
Andy Cowell
Aldo Costa
Geoffrey Willis
McLaren's livery is a big change over previous year.
Before the first race, Force India picked up a new main
sponsor - BWT, an Austrian water technology company.
BWT's web site is all blue, so why the pink?
The poor drivers will have to add pink to their helmets as
May 23 - The Haas Formula 1 team has unveiled a
revised livery that will make its debut in the Monaco
Grand Prix and run for the rest of the season.

New F1 rules about visibility of the car # has
prompted Haas to remove most of the red.

If I wanted the car number to be seen, I'd place it in
other places than on the nose, such as on the side!